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How to recognize counterfeit "love."

Tragically, the world has badly diluted and distorted the meaning of the word love. So much so, that many people now casually speak about how much they "love" many different things such as favorite foods and pets and cars and such. But the truth is, that if one correctly understands the meaning of the word "love," it is impossible to love any thing. What is most distressing is that the word love is now often wrongly used to describe or refer to illicit acts and involvements.

This regrettable denigration of the original meaning and purpose of the word love has almost obliterated mankind's understanding of the true meaning of the word love. The sad fact is that a distorted counterfeit of "love" is widely promoted throughout the world today, especially in advertising and in the entertainment media. What is being promoted, however, is actually idolatry ... an endless pursuit of things, pleasure, and self-gratification ... the exact opposite of true love.

The main difference between true love and counterfeit love is that true love is characterized by giving without expecting anything in return, while counterfeit love is typically characterized by taking and having or imposing expectations upon others. True love does not seek after its own gratification, but counterfeit "love" is typically seeking self-gratification in some way. True love does not impose expectations on others. But the counterfeit of love is usually exposed whenever it becomes evident that someone has any kind of expectations of another whom they claim to love.

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