True Love Never Fails

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How to find the right one
to be your one and only true love
for the rest of your life.

Following is an outline of topics covered in much greater detail in the True Love Never Fails Guide and in the True Love Never Fails Seminar:

Step #1. Pray.   (Note: Those who do not believe in God omit this step.)
    Click here for a special message for those who do not believe in God.
    Click here for a special message for those who do believe in God.

Step #2. Make certain that you are ready:
          1. Are you mature, freely available, and ready to commit?
          2. Are you emotionally healthy ... and have no secrets?
          3. Do you have a clear sense of mission and purpose in your life?

Step #3. Prepare an informative, written, personal introduction:
          1. Prepare a short letter of introduction, with a photo.
          2. Prepare a follow-up letter with more informative details.
          3. Prepare your own answers to all of the VSI Questions.

Step #4. Prepare a list of your essential criteria.

Step #5. Be proactive: “Ask, seek, and knock ...”
          1. Make your availability widely known.
          2. Take the initiative -- to initiate introductory contacts.
          3. Be focused and purposeful.

Step #6. Communicate thoughtfully, honestly, and thoroughly:
          1. Always be courteous and polite.
          2. No secrets, no lies, and nothing hidden from view.
          3. Be completely and absolutely honest and forthright.

Step #7. Be very selective:
          1. Avoid getting too close, too soon.
          2. Know all the right questions to ask,
              and be sure that you do ask all of those questions,
              and then make certain that you get trustworthy answers.
          3. Check references.

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