True Love Never Fails
God loves you!
He wants your life to be filled
with love and joy and all the fruit of the Spirit!

But this problem impacts most adults:
More than half of all marriages fail?

This is a "fixable" problem ... for those who care enough to take the steps necessary to make sure that they do not become the tragic victims of divorce ... or ... almost as bad ... staying together and enduring a miserable marriage.

True Love Never Fails provides two specifically focused solutions:
  1. For unmarried men and women, TLNF Book #1 provides practical tools to help singles find "the right one" to be their True Love so they can achieve a fulfilling marriage that will last.

  2. For married couples and everyone else, TLNF Book #2 explains how the most essential attributes of True Love can be developed by anyone who has the will and determination to do so. For married couples, it can eliminate the tragedy of an unfulfilling marriage.
Failed marriages and divorce comprise one of the greatest single problems in modern society because they so devastatingly damage more lives than any other problem.   This brief overview states the mission and purpose of the True Love Never Fails initiative.   For more information ... click here.

Or, to order TLNF book #1 "True Love Never Fails" ...  click here and discover "How to find the right one." Information to order Book #2 will be added here soon.

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