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Most unmarried adults have a deep and abiding desire to “find the right one” in the hope that they can be happily married in a marriage which will last for a lifetime.

Finding “the right one” can be very a difficult task, however ... and the simple fact is that far, far fewer than half of all marriages are truly successful.

There are about 275 million people in the United States, including 60 million married couples, 70 million of the population who are under the age of 18, and 85 million or nearly one-third of the entire population who are unmarried adults. Eventually, most unmarried adults do find someone to marry ... for better or for worse. The evidence clearly shows that most marriages end up being for worse. (Click here to see a Marriage & Divorce Rates table.)

Almost as bad as divorce (and sometimes worse) ... ... ... far too many couples merely remain together in a state of “holy deadlock.

There are practical solutions for this horrendous problem, however.

  • Those who feel “trapped” in difficult or unfulfilling marriages, can “fix” their problem and convert an unsatisfactory marriage into a beautifully fulfilling marriage ... if they choose to do so. There is no marital problem that cannot be solved, if a man and a woman will just have willing hearts to do so. It is never a right or proper remedy to initiate the termination of one marriage in order to seek or pursue a new one.
  • Those who are victims of divorce being imposed upon them, against their will, can learn from past mistakes, put the past behind them, and go forward much wiser and better prepared to live a fulfilling life in complete accord with God's will.
  • And all who desire to find the right one who will be God's best for them for a God-honoring marriage that will last can achieve that worthy goal ... if they only know all the right questions to ask, and if they will simply ask and answer all the necessary questions forthrightly and thoroughly.
Our mission is to help those who care enough to take marriage seriously to follow a sensible course that will lead to a truly successful marriage.

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