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Additional questions suggested by members & friends

General questions to ask in view of developing a friendship.

    Family questions - in addition to questions: #32, 33, and 34:
  • How many brothers and sisters do you have in your family?
  • If you are from a large family, are you the eldest, middle, or youngest family member?
  • Are your parents still alive?
  • Do you keep in regular contact with your parents?
  • Are you close to them or distant?
  • Do you have close or distant relationships with your siblings?
  • Are you able to get along with each other well? Please explain and describe.

    Sharing your personal testimony and Christian growth - in addition to questions: #5, 6, 7, 8, and 48

  • Do you believe that it is important for a Christian to have a regular devotional and prayer time with God every day?

    Corresponding to others - in addition to questions: #21, 22, 23, 24, and 25

  • Is a 10 or 15 year older of younger age difference a barrier to you in developing a friendship?
  • Please list other criteria that you feel are equally important or more important to you.

    Drugs and Alcohol - in addition to questions: #28, 29, and 30

  • Are you from a family where both or either parent was a smoker, or were you a child of alcoholic parents?
  • Did either or both parents use illegal street drugs?
  • What was it like for you if you were a child of alcoholic parents, and how did you deal with it?


  • Did your parents divorce or remain together during your childhood and teenage years.
  • Were you from a well-adjusted or dysfunctional family?
  • Were your parents strict or permissive or did they have a healthy balance of both?
  • If your parents divorced, how did this affect you mentally, emotionally?
  • Were your parents Christians or non-Christians?
  • Was there any tolerance on your parents part to attend church services?

    Latest suggested additions:

  • Is age difference an issue for you in choosing a prospective mate? If so, please explain how much difference is okay with you.
  • Is finding someone with similar body build, height, education, retirement plans, and ministry interests important to you?
  • Would you be interested in taking some further education classes? And if so what kind of classes?
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