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The True Love Never Fails Seminar

Do you realize ... that if it is your destiny to be joined to a mate, then a very special person with whom you will be ideally compatible is "out there" somewhere right now ... at this very moment ... just waiting for you both to be ready to find each other?   However, that special someone isn't going to just fall out of the sky and land in your lap.   You have to be willing to do your part.   As the Master said:

Ask and you will receive.
Seek and you will find.
Knock and it will be opened to you.

The True Love Never Fails Seminar is a 3-hour presentation that significantly expands upon the material presented in the True Love Never Fails Guide and this seminar is presented free with no strings attached. We do not charge any fee for presenting this seminar and we do not request donations.

The seminar is designed specifically for serious minded single adults who desire a God-honoring marriage and are willing to do what is necessary to "find the right one" for a True Love that will last.

God loves you!   He wants your life to be filled to overflowing with love and joy and peace and all of the fruit of the Spirit.   But this will only come to pass if you are willing to earnestly seek His will and His best for you.   The True Love Never Fails Guide and Seminar are designed to help you achieve God's best for you.

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