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Sex and Intimacy.

Sex and intimacy are not the same thing.

Sex has become a "catch-all" term which seems, today, to have almost no boundaries, no parameters, and no limits on its applications ... or misapplications.

Intimacy has much deeper meaning and purpose than sex.

The dictionary definition of intimacy states that intimacy means a state of being intimate -- and then it goes on to define the word intimate as pertaining to the inmost character of something; fundamental; essential; the most private and personal; closely acquainted or associated ...

Think about that definition for a moment:   Intimacy pertains to the inmost character of something ... that which is most private and personal.

When two people become intimate, that means that they are closer to each other in every way than anyone else in the entire world is close to either of them.   They know each other better, closer, and more intimately than anyone else knows them.

Sex can be and frequently is counterfeited.

True intimacy can never be counterfeited.

Sex without intimacy is counterfeit.   It is violent theft.   It is animal, not human.   And because humans have thoughts and feelings and emotions and a spiritual dimension that animals don't have, illicit sex has long-term destructive implications.

Intimacy is the most important, the most precious, the most desirable quality that can ever be attained in any relationship.   It far transcends and supercedes sex.

Sexual intimacy certainly is thrilling, exhilarating, and causes a tremendous rush ... however, the sexual aspect of intimacy can only achieve its optimum effect when it is shared exclusively between a husband and wife who have given themselves exclusively to each other.

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